Cascara(coffee fruit) is the once wasted outer skin of the coffee bean. Why is it called Cascara?


This delicious fruit is also loaded with plenty of nutrients the coffee crop has to offer!


CASCARA in Spanish means husk or skin, and CASCARA has became the word to describe the dried husks of the coffee cherry!



Antioxidants is a word we have all heard before!! If you haven’t heard of antioxidants yet then now is your time to learn they are super good for you!

cascara berries in hands

ORAC (oxygen radical absorbence capacity) is the value antioxidants of foods are expressed.

coffee cherryvswild blueberries

CASCARA is the 4th highest antioxidant rich superfood studied according to the 2018 Orac Scale.


Antioxidants come in many forms. CASCARA’s form is chlorogenic acid derived from polyphenols.

Polyphenol benefits have been known to reduce inflammation, support normal blood pressure, protect your skin, and fight free radicals!!


BRAIN DERIVED NEUROTROPHIC FACTOR. BDNF is a term you may not have heard of before.


Higher levels of BDNF have been known to improve mood, slow brain aging, improve memory, and help you learn faster by encouraging brain pathways to grow.


BDNF encourages the growth of new neurons and synapsis in the brain. The more BDNF the brain gets the better!! CASCARA has been clinically proven to boost BDNF levels.


CASCARA is something we highly recommend incorporating into your daily routine! Studies on cascara have been minimal and it is still a new ingredient in the science community. We recommend drinking a bottle a day and seeing how it makes you feel! We would love to hear from you on your experience!